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How to Make a Superhero Mask

Superhero masks can add the improve finishing affect ought a Halloween clothes or exist a big addition ought a kids' sport of make-believe. Whatever you lack a superhero mask for, choosing your mode of mask and the proper materials, and adding maiden finishing touches can assist your superhero mask lie out.

1. Designing Your Mask

1) employ a essay template. if you’re looking ought pattern the mask of a concrete superhero, you’ll possibly desire ought employ a template ought pattern sure you entertain coarse of the details right. You can discover a destiny of superhero mask templates online, specially websites alike Pinterest. A Google Image search will also grow up templates you can use.
  • When you’re choosing a template, own at worry your hold skills. escape selecting anything also complex if you’ve never made this classification of mask before.

2) chase a mask you already have. if you’ve already got a mask that you’ve used ago besides during it’s a little thrash up, you can employ it ought chase the equal create onto new material. This is also a good alternative if you’re making a people clothes and everyone needs the equal mask.

3) create your hold mask. if you’re good at drawing, you can create your hold mask. You can tug the mask of a Super Hero that everyone knows, or you can tug an original design. This gives you more freedom at how the mask will look.

4) chase the design. if you’re using a template or a freehand design, chase it above ought the material you’ve chosen because your mask. You can employ a pen or a marker ought chase the design. A marker is possibly best because it will exist easier ought scream on when you’re cutting out the design.

5) chop out the figure of your mask. Once you’ve traced your create above your fabric, you’ll lack ought chop it out. if you’re working with little kids, an adult to fulfill this part. employ a larger link of scissors, specially if you’re using a thicker material alike ship foam.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t chop exactly above the lines you’ve drawn. when you dye or decorate the mask, these lines will entertain covered up anyway.
  • Fold the mask at half ought pattern sure that the eye holes you’ve chop out (and any other holes, depending above the design) are even. Folding it at and then cutting off excess material makes your mask joyful and symmetrical.

2. Making a Fabric Mask

1) employ fabric because a mask meant because employ by little kids. if you’re making a mask because kids, a mild fabric alike cotton is the best material ought use. The mask will exist breathable, and it will exist more comfortable because little kids. It’s also a good selection if you’re making a mask because an adult besides during you’ll exist somewhere hot, alike a party.
  • You can also employ felt, though this could exist hotter and more uncomfortable above the face.

2) Add additional fabric. if you’re making a fabric mask, you can decorate it with fabric accents once you gorge the radical mask chop out. You can also add fabric ought masks made from other materials ought give the mask more depth and detail.

3) employ flexible ought dress it. Once your mask is complete, you’ll lack ought discover a method ought unite it ought your face. Poke two holes at the phase of the mask, and locality one aim of an flexible gang along each cavity and bind them off.
  • Make sure you criterion the flexible ago you bind it off. You don’t desire the mask ought feel also tight or ought own falling off! criterion it by wrapping a bit nearly your major and making a sign where the flexible ends.

3. Making a Cardboard Mask

1) employ cereal boxes because a people craft. if you’re making superhero masks because divide of a superhero-themed party, specially because kids, making them out of a cereal box is a inexpensive and simple option. just plead each guest ought bring an vacant cereal box ought the party.

2) interval down the boxes. ago you chase a create onto your cardboard, you'll lack ought interval the cereal boxes down therefore that they're flat. Simply tear each box vacant at the places where it's sealed with glue.

3) employ spray paint. if you’re using ship foam or cardboard, you can spray dye the mask ought give it color. You can employ one color or multiple colors, specially if your mask has an complex design). if you desire ought employ multiple colors, tape off the edges of the district where you desire ought paint. This keeps the color at that area. if you are using multiple colors, hire each color dry ago you affect above the next. Putting tape at moist dye will cause the dye ought leather off.
  • You to sole employ spray dye at a well-ventilated district or outside.

4) unite a stick. Once your mask is finished, you'll lack a method ought dress it. Using crafting sticks ought pattern a dispose of by warm gluing a cane ought the bottom of the mask. This allows you ought "wear" the mask by holding it at front of your face.

4. Making a ship Foam Mask

1) employ ship foam because durability. if you’re designing a mask that you desire ought final a little longer - because example, if you’re using it because Comi-Con or cosplaying - employ ship foam. It’s identical pliable besides during will also involve its figure sound once it’s set.

2) fever the mask. if you’re using ship foam, you’ll lack ought pattern it pliable by holding it at heat. This could exist an vacant glare above your stove or the fever from a hair dryer. You to sole lack ought involve the mask at the fever because a little seconds. Once you feel the foam grow pliable at your hand, it's ready because the next step.

3) figure the mask. One employ of ship foam is that you can employ it ought pattern a mask that’s indeed durable besides during also fits your appearance well. Once the foam is warm and pliable, publication the mask ought your appearance ought figure it ought your accurate features.
  • You can also employ a Styrofoam major – alike the friendly available at ship stores because designing wigs – ought figure your mask. publication the mask onto the Styrofoam major and involve it there with crafters’ tape.

4) Spray the mask with a sealant. if you’re using ship foam, you’ll desire ought spray the mask with a sealant alike Mod Podge, which will assist the mask own its figure and durability. hire the sealant dry completely ago you begin ought decorate the mask.

5) decorate the mask. You can employ exhibit much any decorating supplies ought decorate a ship foam mask. You can spray dye it, add other fabrics or things alike sequins, or dye it with ship pain.

6) Reseal the mask. if you’re using ship foam, you’ll desire ought reseal the mask with Mod Podge again ought safeguard the dye and pattern the mask more durable.

7) employ ghost gum ought unite the mask. ghost gum is a skin-friendly adhesive that you can locality direct above the mask and then publication ought your face. This allows you ought dress the mask without needing a cane or bit of flexible ought involve it at place.

5. Superhero mask Ideas

1) choose instructions because concrete superhero masks. This can assist you ought pattern the mask because coarse because feasible ought the original superhero character. Here are some suggestions ought try:
  • How ought pattern a Deadpool Mask
  • How ought pattern a Bane Mask
  • How ought pattern a Loki Mask
  • How ought pattern a Batman Mask

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